Saturday, 29 December 2012

How to apply lipstick:

When it comes to make-up, lipstick is the crucial element to enhance our looks. This guide is going to teach you how to get good-looking lips regardless of size and shape of your lips.

Step 1- Exfoliate your lips:
Make a paste, using sugar and water. Rub the paste on your lips for 20 seconds and rinse it off. Smear some lip balm on your lips to moisturize your lips.

Step 2- Apply lip liner:
Lipstick lasts longer if you define your lips using a lop liner. Go for a lip liner 2 shades darker than your lipstick.
  • For plump lips, apply lip liner just outside your natural lip line.
Step 3- Apply lipstick:
You can directly apply lipstick onto your lips from the lips but it is easier to get the right amount on and in the right place using a brush (make sure the lip brush is clean, dry and already there is no lipstick on it).
  • Start from the middle and fill in the whole lips with color within the lip line (using the brush).
Step 4- Apply a second layer:
After adding the first coat, apply a little more if desired but remember greasy lips are unattractive and tend to rub off easily onto everything.

Step 5- Blot the lips:
Blot your lips to make your lipstick last longer. Simply blot your lips using a tissue paper.

Step 6- Lip gloss:
Add a little lip gloss for the final touch. Dab a little gloss on the center of your lips and spread it out.

Step 7- Reapply lipstick:
Reapply lipstick every few hours as no matter how brilliantly you have applied the lipstick, it will fade through the day.

Friday, 28 December 2012

How to make wax at home-Do It Yourself

Hair removal is one of the common beauty practices. There are various ways to remove body hair like shaving, hair removal creams etc. but waxing is the safest one and you can prepare homemade organic wax that too in an easy and cost effective way.

Ingredients required:

  • Granulated Sugar (200 grams)
  • Honey (150-200 grams)
  • ½ Lemon
  • Essential oil (10 drops)


Take granulated sugar in a saucepan and melt it on a medium flame. Allow the sugar to boil for two minutes (keep stirring it well using a wooden spoon to prevent it from burning). Once sugar attains the brown color, add aromatic essential oil (of your choice) into the sugar to render fragrant appeal. Now add honey to the saucepan and stir well (on a medium flame). Squeeze lemon juice into the mixture while you stir. Sieve the mixture using a clean cotton towel and allow it to rest for 2 minutes. Knead the mass (until its golden yellow) and store it in an airtight container.

Thursday, 27 December 2012

5 tips to get straight hair naturally:

Do you want to flaunt your silky straight hair???

You needn't shudder at the idea of hovering around salons, spending hours on harsh chemical treatments to get straight hair. A few home therapies can definitely straighten your hair in a natural way. Just give your hair these home treatments and find yourself with silky straight hair that you have just seen in your favorite shampoo commercial!!!

1.    Coconut milk and lemon:

Coconut milk is an excellent way to push the frizzy hair making them straight. Take a glass full of fresh coconut milk and squeeze few drops of lemon into it and refrigerate the mixture for some time until a creamy layer is formed on the top of it. Apply this cream on your scalp and entire length of hair thoroughly. Cover your hair with a hot towel for 10- 15 minutes follow it up with a hair wash using a mild shampoo. Repeat this process once a week to get straight hair naturally.

2.    The Milky Way:

Milk treatment is another way of straightening your hair. What you need to do is to fill a spray bottle with (1/2 cup) milk. Wet your hair and let them dry before moving to the next step. Now, using the spray bottle spray milk all over your hair and leave them to dry for 15-20 minutes. Wash you hair using a mild shampoo followed by conditioning. Finally rinse off hair with Luke warm water and leave the towel on for 5 minutes then remove the towel and let your hair dry naturally. This method will add substantial amount of moisture to your hair leaving them smooth and straight.

3.    Luke warm oil:

Oil nourishes and hydrates your hair making them lustrous and straight. Apply Luke warm oil (you can choose coconut oil, olive oil or any other oil of your choice) on the scalp and hair properly and cover your hair with a warm towel for 20-30 minutes. Now wash your hair thoroughly using a mild shampoo and keep your hair covered with towel for few minutes. Remove the towel and let your hair dry naturally.

4. Milk and eggs:

Treat your hair with milk and eggs to get healthy and glossy straight hair. Comb your clean and dry hair using a wide toothed comb to get rid of tangles. Whisk an egg and add 2 cups of milk in it. Apply the mixture over your hair (for 30 minutes) and wrap a plastic cap over your hair (to retain the moisture). Now wash your hair using a mild shampoo, leave on the towel for few minutes and let your hair dry naturally.

5.    Fuller’s earth (Multani mitti):

Take 1 cup fuller’s earth (multani mitti); 5 tablespoons of rice and 1 egg white. Mix all the ingredients well and add some water to form a loose paste. Cover up your thoroughly with this pack and brush your hair down 2-3 times using a wide comb (the idea is to keep your hair as straight as possible). Let the pack dry which can take around 40 minutes. Wash it off properly with water to get silky, smooth and straight hair.

Happy straightening!!!

Tuesday, 25 December 2012

10 hot lipstick shades:

1.     Nude:
Nude lipstick is neutral that makes it perfect to complement any outfit you are wearing, from the brightest red to white to yellow tones.

2.     Pale peach:
Pale peach is sensational with blacks, whites, greens and browns but keep this lip color far, far away from reds.

3.     Wine:
Wine or burgundy works wonders with winter palettes, especially black and charcoal.

4.     True red:
For the sensational look, wear true red lip color with black, trendy grays and whites.

5.     Berry:
Berry is a well rounded color as it complements greens and browns, black and gray, white and cream …any color you pick except red.

6.     Dark Terracotta:
Terracotta endows your black, green or brown outfit with richness and warmth.

7.     Ruby:
Just like the gem it is named after, ruby lip color dazzles dark neutrals such as black and grays.

8.     Red-orange:
Red-orange lip color undoubtedly brings in attention and looks great with an outfit in muted gray and brown tones.

9.     Peachy pink:
Pink that tends to be peach gives forth soft touch and takes a back seat to heavy eye make-up and vibrant outfit.

10.   Hot pink:
Hot pink looks fabulous with toned-down eyes and outfits in neutral and metallic shades.

Monday, 24 December 2012

How to make a hair puff:

Hair puff is a great hairdo, as it is easy to do and looks nice on just anyone. This hairstyle can work with medium or long hair and is a perfect choice while going for parties or any special event.

Here’s an easy, quick and non-messy way to create a puff:
Step 1:
Start with brushing your hair to get rid of tangles.

Step 2:
Part your hair (tracing the crown of the head) splitting hair into 2 sections (using the pick of a tease comb),with the back section containing 1/3 of the hair.

Step 3:
Using a rubber band, fasten the front section of the hair.

Note: The size of the puff is dependent on where you secure your rubber band.
In case you want a bigger hair puff secure the rubber band further away from your forehead and likewise if you want a smaller one secure the rubber band closer to your forehead.

Step 4:
Lay this section down and push forward to form the base of your puff, secure it with bobby pins.

That’s it!!! You’ve achieved your puff look that too without teasing and pulling your hair.

Sunday, 23 December 2012

How to select shoes to wear with an outfit:

1. Choose the shoe color that complements your dress not the color that competes with your dress:
  • When you are wearing a dress with a bright and bold pattern, go with simple black heels.
  • With a sparkly evening top, consider neutral heels or flats.

2. Jazz up a plain outfit by pairing it with brighter shoes:

  • With a black or brown plain outfit add a pop of color by wearing red heels.
  • Go for a dressy shoe with funky pattern, if you have on a simple top and neutral trouser or jeans.

3. Hone in on a gloomy shade in case you are wearing multi-colored dress:

For instance, with a geometric pattern dress in pink and purple color, consider a deep purple shoe.

4. Avoid strict color matching:

Don’t dress up in one solid color from head to toe. When you are wearing blue top with a blue skirt avoid wearing blue shoes.

5. Deal with different shades:

For instance, if you are wearing a light pink dress, pair it with a rose-colored flat or heel instead of same shade of pink.

6. Select standard colors for professional outfit:

  • Go for black or brown leather shoes at a conservative office.
  • You can incorporate colors, if you have less strict office with a casual dress code.

Saturday, 22 December 2012

Pedicure at home in just 5 steps:

Step 1- Trim and shape your nails:
Start with removing all the traces of nail paint (if any) with the help of nail paint remover. Trim your nails straight across (don’t cut the corners too much) and give them desired shape using a nail filer. You can trim and shape your nails even after soaking but in case your nails are soft, trim and shape them first (as your nails will get too soft for shaping once they are soaked)

Step 2- Foot bath:
A nice foot bath session is a great help in getting rid of day long stress. Fill warm water in a bucket or tub (water should be enough to cover up to your ankles) and add:
  • Bath salts (1/2 cup)
  • Juice of 1 lemon
  • A few drops of a Foot wash or shampoo
  • Essential oil of your choice (10-12 drops)
  • A few smooth pebbles (these will render a gentle massage as you place your feet on them)
    Take a comfortable position, soak your feet (for 15-20 minutes) and relax.

    Step 3- Exfoliate:
    • Once you are done with the soaking. Pat your feet dry and rub in some cuticle cream on the base of each toe nail to soften your cuticles and leave it on for a few minutes. Meanwhile use a foot file or pumice stone to slough away dry and dead skin cells from your heels, balls of the feet, sides of the heels and the area around your toes. Don’t scrape too hard be gentle while scrubbing.  
    • Now wipe off the cuticle cream and gently push back cuticles using a cuticle pusher. You can use an old toothbrush to scrub your toes and area underneath your nails. Gently clean the dirt under your nails as well.
    • Pat your feet dry and massage them using a foot scrub. Gently scrub the foot sole, ankles, top and sides of the feet, area in between your toes and your heels (make sure your feet are dry before you apply scrub).

     Step 4- Moisturize:
    Once you are done with scrubbing, wash your feet, wipe and moisturize them. Moisturizing softens, hydrates and protects your feet from cracking. Slather the moisturizer on your feet and massage well until it is completely absorbed. Massage promotes blood circulation, nourishes the skin and foot muscles.

    Step5- Dress them up:
    Pick a nail paint of your choice and paint your toe nails. Apply a base coat first and let it dry then you can apply the subsequent coat (this will make your nail paint last longer). You can also jazz up your feet with beautiful anklets.

    Do this once a week along with daily cleansing and moisturizing to keep your feet soft and beautiful!!!

    Thursday, 20 December 2012

    Eye make-up in just 7 steps:

    Step 1- Prepare your eyes with concealer:
    Apply concealer (matching your skin tone) to cover dark circles and even out skin tone around  your eyes. Start with applying 3 dots of concealer with your fingertip under both the eyes, apply at the inner corner first (where the skin tends to be darkest) then under the pupil and finally at the outer edge. To spread the concealer pat it (don’t rub) with your ring finger (as this finger as softest pad) until it disappears.

    Step 2- Apply base to your eyelids:
    To make your shadow last for hours apply a base to your lids. If you don’t prime your lids properly your shadow may end up as a greasy line.

    Step 3- Apply eye shadow:
    It’s a great idea to use a three toned shadow.

    • Start with a medium color, sweep the shadow across the lid. You can pick medium pink, light brown or any other middle of the hue.
    • Follow with a light color; sweep the shadow across the lid and up to your brow bone. Brush on pearly off white, light gold or other delicate colors.
    • Apply a dark color on the crease. Try a violet, brown or other dark colors matching the first two colors.
    Blend the colors using or fingers or fluffy, tapered blending brush.

    Step 4- Brighten your eyes with a highlighter:
    To brighten your eyes dab a finger into lightest eye shadow and then press it into the inner corner of eyes where an upper lid meets the lower lid.

    Step 5- Follow with eyeliner:
    You can use liquid eyeliners or liner pencils, even dark eye shadow works as great eyeliners (Wet a slanted brush and then dip it in a dark shadow). Whatever you pick- starting from the inner corner of your upper lash line to the outer corner. If you want, you can line your lower lashes as well.

    Step 6-Curl lashes:
    Use an eye lash curler to grip your upper lashes. Half close your eyes to make access to the eyelash easier. It’s better to curl lashes before applying mascara.

    Step 7-Apply mascara:
    Place the wand of the mascara brush at the base of your upper lashes and slowly sweep upwards. For the dramatic effect, apply mascara to the lower lashes as well. If you want to apply multiple coats make sure you apply the subsequent coat when the first coat is still wet (applying a fresh coat to the dry mascara may result in clumps).

    Wednesday, 19 December 2012

    5 Things your skin needs daily:

    1.     Water:
    Drink at least half gallon (around 2 liters) of water daily as it flushes all the toxins out of the body, helps your body cells to absorb nutrients and keeps your digestive system working properly. Water removes impurities from the skin hence preventing occurrence of pimples and keeps your skin hydrated to make it look plump and smooth.

    2.     Essential fatty acids:
    Essential fatty acids (EFAs) are some of the “good fats” necessary for the body for its healthy performance. EFAs are must for healthy and youthful skin. Youthful skin is plumpy due to water filled cells but with age skin cell’s ability to hold water decreases. It is the job of fatty acids to keep skin cells healthy and membranes functioning properly that hold in water and nutrients. EFAs helps in preventing acne break out by dissolving fatty deposits (as fatty deposits blocks pores and causes acne). Walnuts, flaxseed, Soya oil, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds and leafy vegetables are the sources of EFAs.

    3.     Cleansing:
    Cleansing is the basic element of the skin care routine. It removes excess oil and dirt from the epidermis to make your skin clean. Cleansing prepares the skin for subsequent application of moisturizer or cream and ensures its better penetration. Cleanse your face properly twice a day.

    4.     Sun protection:

    Always shield your skin with sunscreen (SPF 15-30) at least 20 minutes before stepping out  to safeguard it from UV radiation as it will help in protecting your skin from skin cancer and preventing the signs of skin aging due to sun exposure. Exposure of the naked skin to the sun rays can cause skin darkening and wrinkles.

    5.     Antioxidants:
    Antioxidants protect your skin by limiting the production of free radicals hence preventing damage of skin cells. Antioxidants improve the skin health; rejuvenate skin appearance, help in reducing the signs of aging, minimize the scars (by increasing the blood flow to scar tissue), calm inflammation and repair sun damage.
    Many antioxidants are beneficial for skin but two in particular get more attention:
    • Vitamin C- It helps in building collagen which is very helpful in keeping your skin plump and tight.  Sources of vitamin C are whole grains, lemon, orange, amla and other citrus fruits.
    • Vitamin E- It protects cell membranes and helps in fighting off UV damage. Sources of vitamin E are wheat germ oil, almonds and peanut butter.